Discord Rules

– Users are forbidden to post text or vocalize any of the following in public chatrooms
– Any form of Pornographic Content.
– Any Avatars or departing messages which contain any form of nudity or sexual nature.
– Any form of discrimination, racism or sexism.
– Any form of a post that breaks international law.
– Any form of a post that incites the use of illegal items, this includes drugs, warez and pirated software.
– Any URLs to websites that break the rules.
– Any personal information of other users, this includes addresses, phone numbers etc.
– Any serial keys and cracks, this includes any pirated content.
– Any aggressive, hate speak and/or inciteful language.
– No NSFW content in the server.
– Use the correct channels for the correct things. Channels have their own rules posted as the topic.
– Do not advertise anything that is not related to BladeNode. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, bots, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, etc.
– Don’t queue ear-rape songs, you will be muted.
– No harassing other users.
– Any user that is inactive for 30 days. You will be removed automatically by discord.
– Don’t ask for roles.
– No leaking sensitive information of a user in the server.

– If BladeNode Staff determine you are AFK, you will be moved to the AFK channel without warning.
– Breaking any of the above rules will result in a kick or up to a Permanent Ban on the User from the our Discord and/or the BladeNode Community.
– Impersonating a BladeNode staff member – this could be by avatar, username or actions – will result in a Permanent ban on the User from the BladeNode Discord.
– By using this Discord you agree to abide by the rules presented above.
– BladeNode Management reserves the right to change the BladeNode Rules at any time, for any reason, without notification.
– It is up to the User to keep up to date with the rules.