BladeNode Federation was created by two geeks who wanted to come together to create a community that is designed for geek hearted minds that love to play games. The goal was simple, Create a community that allowed you to join together with other like minded individuals and enjoy simulation games free from harassment or social stereotyping. All too often you would find trucking companies that would simply fill their rosters with all types of players ranging from trolls to bullies that would leave you either unwilling to stick around or too afraid to speak your mind and be who you really are.

If you wanted to play a simulation game seriously with like minded people you quite frequently had to make sacrifices in one way or another. You either played with the serious gamers and had to keep your personality to a minimum or you ran with a more open crew that didn’t have any structure or team work. That is what we set out to do, fill that gap in gaming where you could be the geek you are and play as often as you wanted in environment that lets you live that cross country trucking fantasy.